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Mari Honma

Born in Japan, Living in the UK

Mari Honma is a Japanese mixed media artist based in the UK who began experimenting as a self-taught painter in her teens and put on VJ shows in Tokyo whilst studying as a University student.

After she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Imaging Art in Japan, she also studied some ceramic and glass techniques in the UK to explore more classical approaches to art, and her artworks were displayed at international exhibitions. However, she discontinued exhibiting in 2013 due to family illnesses and shifted her career to the pharmaceutical industry expanding her interest in the psychological aspect of life.

Overcoming challenges in life, she started releasing her works again in October 2020; they have since been featured in international magazines and exhibitions.


Since Mari would rather not cage her works in one style or thought, she does not have an artistic process that follows any particular rules. However, while appreciating that things called "art" these days may be too dependent on innovative technology, user-friendly applications, and computers, she is keen to create artworks by hand using simple equipment and discarded materials where possible.

"There are many subtle senses in our daily lives that cannot be verbalised, or that appear more intriguing when expressed in the form of a creation," she says. Mari hopes that art can be a place for this nonverbal communication that allows us to merely feel as individuals while disregarding trends, profitability, or usability.

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